Islamic Birthday SMS Messages

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“Allah is too much Generous, how i can pay gratefulness that He has given my friend another year of life to stay with us.”
“Thanks for the summons, May Allah decrease your problems and make you prosper.”


“Life is precious  which is God gifted, May you have many such occasions in your life.”


“Wish you Happy Birthday, no doubt another year of life is blessing from God”


Oh May son, today is special day for me,  When Allah give  Gift in snap of you,  You my life, You my dreams, You my future bank,
You are straight way, Make Allah fulfill your all Dreams and make
perfect man . Happy Birthday today.


I am praying to my God that you live long with happiness and fulfill in your life.

I want to wish you the most superb of birthday which you are going to have a good time today and and pray to God that it will be a wealth memory for the rest of your life.


I pray to God that the sun will always shin upon you which is so beautiful whenever it is rise.



I away pray for you, that you enjoy all the life with happiness,  God always be happy and never took any pain in life.


I pray to God that you always be happy & you enjoy life all the way to the top.
On this instance of the  your birthdays i will remember always how important are you to me?

I pray to god that this day and all your days be filled with the great God’s special love for you. Always be happy Happy Birthday
On the incident of your birthday i pray to God for your happiness in your life, and full fill every wish of your life.




I have no friend like you and i pray to god on your birthday that you live long.



Today at the chance of your birthday i ask the God, You continue to bless the works of his hands and the thoughts of his heart.
Today at the time of your happy birthday I ask the God for your safeguard over the life and don’t injury or chance or any hurts to avoid from your life.


Happy birthday my dear friend where you remain God bless you.
Allah grants his men for their kind performance by children, May Allah keep you people

always happy and blessed.”


“May Allah give you life to rejoice many of such blessed moments with your close to ones.”
“God is great, He is the great, He gives, grants, bestowed the one whom He wants, You are the one of those lucky people to have his Blessings.”



“I want to be the part of this happy time and wish that May Allah always tool shed His blessings rain on you.”



“Forget the past, future is ahead waiting for you with plenty of blessings.”
“Take this day as chance from Allah to serve His people, forget the past sins, He is forgiver, think ahead.”



“May Allah give you long life, it is not pray for you, it is for me as I cannot live without you.”
“I wish you blessings of Allah on your birthday and pray for you, the one who love you much, always with you on your every birthday. I always pray for you never gain pain in the life.  Happy Birthday to you



May you live long, i pray for you you become a kindman
you success in every field, God Bless You, Happy Birth Day!

I prayed  to GOD 4 A Flower 
I PRAYED  4 A LAKE,  He gave an Ocean 
I prayed 4 A TREE,  then he gave me a Forest, 
Wen I  Prayed 4  An Angel,  
Wen I prayed to you, l saw  you r happy. 
I always do pray Be Happy in Life 
Happy Birthday Wishes,



I prayed  to GOD 4 A Flower 
Wen I prayed for you, 
Gods open the windows  
of Happiness. God GIVE ME GIFT 
Like you. 
I Thankful of  God 
Who give a Quit Baby.  
Happy Birthday Wishes



Dear My Son,  Happy Birthday to You, On this occasion,   i always pray for you, you achieve mountain success & achieve the sky, and Enjoy the life with happiness, Happy Birthday



My Dear Daughter! God Bless you, and never take pain from any side, and never give pain to any other, you always be Happy, people like to her and admire you, you are so nice lady  for other people and do better for other,  Pray for you be Happy, Happy Birthday