Happy Birthday Wishes For Aunty

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Someone special
is having a Birthday
How old do you think she is
She will never tell you
I guess it’s a quiz
I’m guessing you’re much older
Than you actually appear
Cause Aunty you’re just handsome
And to me you’re very dear
Happy Birthday Aunty!




Break out the bottle of Bubbly
Light the Birthday Cake
It’s your Birthday,
I want to celebrate
A very special someone
Who’s always inspired me
You mean the world to me!
My loving Anti may live long
Be happy for ever.
Happy Birthday Aunty




On your Birthday Aunty
I think that you should know
How very much I love you
I look forward to your visits
And always have a fun time
I am so very happy  & Saying
My loving aunty
Happy Birthday!



There are Aunts that are boring
That are Aunts that are dull
There are Aunts that don’t care
About much of anything at all
But that’s not you Aunty
You’re exciting caring and great fun too
A Great Big Happy Birthday
From your Niece that loves you!




I’m  very happy & saying
No doubt you are my loving Anti
and I like your  family
I’m so very happy
You mean so much to me
So Happy Birthday Aunty
May all your dreams and wishes may fill with happiness.I wish you the very best
Today and the whole year through!